Stoneleigh - New Zealand

A wonder of nature

What was once an ancient stony riverbed has, over time, become much more. The distinctive stone-studded Rapaura soils of our vineyards create a wine style that is fresh, crisp and vibrant – the flavour of Stoneleigh.

Started by nature and finished by the talents of the Stoneleigh winemakers, our philosophy of minimum intervention in the winery ensures that the vibrant flavours of Stoneleigh are captured in each and every bottle.

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Stoneleigh - a wonder of nature

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Grapes for Stoneleigh wines are sourced from the Rapaura sub-region, located on the northern side of the Wairau Valley in Marlborough. For thousands of years, the Wairau River ran through what are now our vineyards, depositing stones of all sizes. The signature stony soils combine with the maritime climate and the nearby mountains to create a distinctive terroir which is recognisable in every bottle of Stoneleigh wine.

Stoneleigh Vineyards

Address: Main Road,  South Marlborough, New Zealand

Phone: +34 941 27 99 00


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Meet the winemakers

Winemaking was an inevitable career choice for Jamie, who grew up on a farm overlooking a valley of grapevines in Marlborough. Following a degree in Agricultural Sceince and a postgraduate diploma in Viticulture and Oenology, Jamie began as a trainee winemaker in 1990, before returning to his hometown in 2002.

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Stoneleigh: A wonder of nature

Situated in the heart of the Wairau Valley in New Zealand's famous Marlborough wine region, the Stoneleigh vineyard is home to a unique natural environment. Millions of years ago, the deep rivers of the Wairau flowed across the area we now call home. The stones that were once the bed of an ancient river, today form the floor of our vineyard and give us our name – Stoneleigh.