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Inspiring a life more colourful

Campo Viejo is one of the most famous of all Rioja wines. Ever since two local winemakers – Beristain and Ortigüela – created the first vintage in 1959, we have been synonymous with innovation and a symbol of the expressiveness, colour and vibrancy that Rioja is renowned for.

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Campo Viejo 'Streets of Colour'

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La Rioja

We have a deep love and respect for our land, and we're passionate about preserving its richness and beauty for generations to come. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly winery and sustainable winemaking practices attest to that. Located in the heart of Rioja, our winery was designed to be a harmonious balance between winemaking, architecture and sustainability, and it's where the history of our wine comes to life in each bottle we make.

Campo Viejo Winery

Address: Camino de Lapuebla, 50, 26006 Logroño, La Rioja Spain

Phone: +34 941 27 99 00


cases sold worldwide in 2015Annual report


Red wine brand in the UKIWSR 2014 & FY15 market panel data (internal vinum analysis)


Rioja brand worldwideIWSR 2014 and FY15 market panel data (internal vinum analysis)

Meet the winemakers

Elena AdellChief winemaker
Clara Sotillo PortraitClara SotilloWinemaker

Hero Campaign

Streets of Colour

Streets of Colour is an experiential platform by Campo Viejo which connects Campo Viejo and Urban Art to bring Spanish expressiveness to the streets and stimulate a more expressive world via social interaction and expression.