From The Vineyard To The Table

A leading premium wine business

We grow it

A network of growers across six countries of origin.

Wine quality starts in the vineyard, and we're proud to have strong and long-standing relationships with some of the best growers in many of the world's most renowned wine regions, giving us access to a selection of the finest sites available for vine-growing. We set ourselves high standards, and our viticulture teams work with our growers to ensure only the top quality fruit makes it into the winery - and into your bottle.

We craft it

A team of craftspeople who respect our land and encourage the very best from its fruit.

After vintage, it's the job of the winemaking team to ensure all of the hard work completed over many months in the vineyard is reflected in the bottle. Our wines are safe in the hands of a remarkably talented and experienced group of winemakers, dedicated to showcasing the best of what our regions and vineyards have to offer - and sharing it with the world.

We bring it to you

A team of experts who bring our wines to your table all around the world.

Once our wines have been created, we have passionate and innovative teams responsible for getting them into the hands of wine lovers across the globe. From bottling to packaging and marketing, transportation to distribution and logistics, our expert teams deliver excellent service with an attitude of continual improvement, while always respecting the great heritage and traditions of this age-old industry.

Our Global Reach

Crafted in six countries, enjoyed the World over

Our decentralised business model means that while each of Pernod Ricard’s affiliate companies operates independently, we are all connected, sharing knowledge, strategy and values.






New Zealand

A Business With People At Its Heart

A dedicated family that knows the business of conviviality

#{medias['section-4-slider-img-' + i].captionJo-Anna PartridgeOperations Director

20 years at Pernod Ricard

“It’s inspiring to be able to work with such talented people who are so passionate about what they do. Having a fantastic team around you makes coming to work enjoyable.”

#{medias['section-4-slider-img-' + i].captionJimmy KeanePR and Promotions Manager

23 years at Pernod Ricard

"The diversity in the company is fantastic and I've enjoyed meeting and working with people from all over the world, such as France, the UK, the USA and Denmark."

#{medias['section-4-slider-img-' + i].captionBelinda SandersonMarketing Manager, Brand Experience

8 years at Pernod Ricard

“Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and be innovative in their day-to-day roles. We’re lucky to get great opportunities to put our ideas into action.”

#{medias['section-4-slider-img-' + i].captionDan SwincerChief Winemaker

13 years at Pernod Ricard

“It is a privilege to continue to grow the legacy of the wines thanks to the amazing team of people from vineyard to bottle that contribute day in day out.”

#{medias['section-4-slider-img-' + i].captionClara Canals SotilloChief Winemaker

4 years at Pernod Ricard

"From learning about new winemaking techniques and being able to experiment at our winemaking facilities, the development opportunities are endless, you learn something new every day”