Jessey McGowan Dux

Jessey McGowen, winemaker at Pernod Ricard Winemakers, is the dux of the 57th Advanced Wine Assessment Course run by The Australian Wine Institute.

As dux, Jessey has been appointed as an associate judge at the 2023 Royal Adelaide Wine Show, where judging begins next week.

Jessey says, “I participated in the AWAC to better understand my palate, upskill my ability to assess wine and expose myself to a range of wine styles in the process.

“I had these opportunities and so many more throughout the course.

“The mentorship from the guest judges and the AWRI staff was extremely valuable.

“I was able to learn the strengths and weaknesses in my palate and discuss wine in a room full of supportive and passionate peers and mentors.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to challenge themselves and learn from a wide range of talented professionals across the wine industry, all while tasting and discussing some intriguing wines.”

The selection of the dux of each course is based on statistical scores, verbal skills and group interaction.

AWRI managing director Mark Krstic says, “The AWRI is delighted to continue its support for up-and-coming wine judges in partnership with the Royal Adelaide Wine Show.

“Jessey is a deserving dux recipient who will gain a great deal from this associate judging opportunity.

“During the AWAC she impressed the guest judges with her well-considered comments and approach to tasting.”

The AWAC puts participants through a gruelling and intensive four-day program of wine sensory education and assessment.

It aims to prepare potential new wine show judges and develop the sensory analysis capabilities and vocabulary of Australian wine professionals at an elite level.

Twelve leading wine show judges, journalists and winemakers contribute to the delivery of the course, alongside AWRI staff.

Course details are available at http://www.awri.com.au/industry_support/courses-seminars-workshops/awac/

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