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After becoming one of the first companies in Australia to achieve Family Friendly Workplaces Certification in 2021, we are proud to share we’ve attained certification for a second year.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been committed to our #FamilyFriendlyWorkplace action plan, building on our already above standard parental leave policy to ensure it provides inclusive family support, regardless of gender or gender identity. Our second year action plan will continue build on this.

To mark our first year anniversary, we are celebrating our commitment to supporting working families with flexible work practices that empower our people to balance work, wellbeing and family life.

Eric Thomson is the proud dad of little Isabel and Adelyn, and is one of many parents utilising #flexible work arrangements at Pernod Ricard Winemakers. He lives by the motto ‘if you’re happy outside of the office, you will deliver at work’.

“For me to be present and the most effective at work, I need to know that I have done a good job at home. As a manager, I also understand that flexible working looks different for everyone. We all have different passions and evolving family needs so it’s important that leaders are flexible with what flexibility looks like.

“For flexibility to work effectively, we need to ensure there is an established mutual trust between those that we work with and the broader business. As a manager, I know that if people can spend time on their hobbies or be with their families, they are much happier and more fulfilled at work.”

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