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Born in the mountainous desert region of Ningxia in of Northern China in 1997, the ground-breaking Helan Mountain viticulture and winemaking operation has become the gold standard Chinese winemaking. While the Ningxia environment is harsh, it is also pristine and the terroir is perfect for producing high-quality grapes. As a result, Helan Mountain wines have gained global recognition for their quality.

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Ningxia's Treasures of Nature

The Helan Mountain vineyard, which is nationally certified as a protected designation of origin, is ideally situated - with the majestic Helan Mountain range forming a natural shield from the desert to the west, and the nourishing Yellow River to the east providing a nutrient-rich natural water resource. Helan Mountain unlocks these treasures of nature to produce its premium quality wines.


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awards since 2009 across international and domestic wine competitionsPrisma (internal reporting tool)

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Pioneers of the Australian wine industry who recognised the incredible potential of Ningxia

Craig GraftonSenior Winemaker
Philip LafferChief Winemaking Consultant

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