Tempranillo Blanco blends expertise with innovation

Launching exclusively in the UK in March 2016, the wine draws on Campo Viejo’s research and taste experimentation with the Tempranillo Blanco grape. Indigenous to Rioja, the variety was born as a natural genetic mutation of a single Tempranillo red grape vine.

Campo Viejo is at the forefront of white grape growing in Rioja and Chief Winemaker Elena Adell was one of the first to come across and work with Tempranillo Blanco in the 1980s. A Tempranillo expert and passionate advocate of the variety, she saw great potential in its bright, citrus characteristics and high acidity levels.

Following several years of experimentation, the opening of Campo Viejo’s ground-breaking nano-winery in 2013 allowed the winemaking team to focus single-mindedly on the variety, and conduct specific trials to find the purest and most premium expression of the fruit. A leading facility in wine innovation, the nano-winery is a small-scale version of the main winery. Elena and her winemaking team have the freedom to explore new ideas and if successful, bring their exciting new discoveries to life on a much larger scale.

The result is an expressive new wine crafted from high-quality Tempranillo Blanco and Rioja’s traditional white grape variety, Viura. This innovative blend uses Tempranillo Blanco to showcase Viura’s fresh character and enhance its intense, fruity style.

“As experts in Tempranillo, we are forever exploring its nature - and now we have the potential to deliver a brand new expression of this wonderful grape variety in white,” said Chief Winemaker, Elena Adell.

“The trials we have conducted with Tempranillo Blanco have proven to be very promising; Tempranillo certainly has the potential to be a flagship for Rioja in both red and white wines.”

Campo Viejo Viura Tempranillo Blanco 2015 is an expressive, light and refreshing wine that is perfect on its own or with chicken, fish and salad dishes. The new release will be available in the UK from 1st March.